1. Freeze their phone. This one is perfect for a boyfriend or someone close that wouldn’t think twice about you taking their phone. Grab their celly and screenshot the homepage, then move their apps to a different page and make the screenshot their home background. Hand it back and say something cute like “bae, I think your phone is broken?” When they try to click an app, nothing will happen! Mwahaha.

2. Auto-correct nightmare. Auto-correct can be a real pain in the butt, but did you know you can set your phone to change certain words to something else? Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut, and wreak havoc! You can change “yes” to “no,” “now” to “meow” or “k” to “I obviously don’t care about you.” Let your imagination run wild!

3. Ruin snack time. Again, there are endless April Fools’ options here. You’ve probably heard of replacing Oreo creme with toothpaste, but you can also switch the creme in Boston creme donuts for mayo or add dog kibble to trail mix. If you want to get REALLY creative, make caramel onions instead of caramel apples. You can even replace gum with rectangles of Play Doh! Yikes.

4. Make mac N’ cheese mimosas. Nothing beats a sweet, citrusy mimosa on a Saturday morning — except the sick joy of watching a friend drink mac n cheese powder mixed with seltzer water. They’ll never see it coming! But maybe make some real mimosas to soften the blow.

5. Mouse trap. Make their computer mouse useless by taping a picture over the light on the bottom. The important part of this is which pic you choose! It could be something they love, like Justin Bieber, something they hate, like a clown, or something goofy, like Nicolas Cage.

6. Bath bummer. Coat their bath bombs or bar soap with clear paint or nail polish and let dry. When they go to use it, nothing will happen! Don’t worry, they can scrape the paint off later so they can still use it. Another option? Make your own bath bombs and stick a few boullion cubes in the middle to turn your friend’s bath into a chicken soup soak.

7. Don’t be a dummy. Or do! Create a dummy by stuffing a pillow into a sweatshirt and placing a basketball in the hood. Place it in your friends car, in their bed, or on their toilet to scare the living daylights out of them.

8. Watch the world burn. Have a candy dish in your home or office? Fill it with mixed Skittles, Reese’s Pieces, and M&Ms. The rage, THE RAGE!

9. Cause for concern. Eat yellow jello out of a sterile pee cup, drink blue Kool-Aid out of an anti-freeze jug, or chug water out of a bleach container. People will def be worried about you.

10. Want a “nice” prank? Hey, it’s alright, some of us don’t enjoy making people unhappy. In that case, invite your friend to do something unpleasant with you, like go to the DMV or dinner with your parents, and then surprise them by taking them somewhere cool, like a comedy show or bowling.



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