Kim Kardashian, 36, has always been the center of attention with her show-stopping curves! However, now the reality star is getting “irritated” by people saying Khloe Kardashian, 32, has the best bod in the family. Even though she’s happy her sister reached her weight loss goals, it’s also served as motivation to step up her own fitness game! “Kim and Khloe have a very competitive relationship. Kim was always the queen bee: the prettiest, the most popular and always getting the hottest guys,”

“It drove Khloe crazy with jealousy growing up,” our source added. “But now, people are gushing over Khloe and how AMAZING she looks. She has worked so incredibly hard on her physique and her look and she’s getting noticed — a lot. All the praise and attention Khloe is getting is really getting Kim irritated. She’s obviously totally happy for Khloe and supportive but it is a bit much when people say Khloe’s got the best body in the family now.” The reality star did work hard for it!

“Kim is planning on upping her workout efforts and focusing on her diet even more,” our insider noted. “It’s been hard with everything that’s happened in the past few months and raising two little ones, but she’s rededicating herself.” Khloe has been hitting the gym like crazy, sometimes with her sisters, and her latest Instagram photo of her rockin’ physique is perhaps her sexiest yet.

Khloe also sold out the cycle class she hosted at the Cycle House in West Hollywood on Mar. 25, proving she’s staying on her grind. Meanwhile, Kim recently ditched her lengthy extensions, showing off a new shorter ‘do on March 30. She’s also looking SO trim these days after all of her intense workout routines, so both sisters are likely going to flaunt their bikini bods this summer!



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