Kylie Jenner has said bye-bye to her on-again, off again bae Tyga, 27, for the time being and while she’s still hurting a bit, maybe the time apart will do them some good. “Kylie is sad as she and Tyga are living separate lives. Lately she has been spending more time with friends and less time with Tyga as things really are cooling off between them,” For awhile there the two were joined at the hip, so maybe it’s a good thing that the 19-year-old is focusing on the healthy friendships in her life.

“Kylie is finding comfort in her friends as she deals with her relationship issues,” our insider adds. Tyga has moved out of her Hidden Hills estate and into his own Hollywood Hills bachelor pad and that seems like a wise thing to do. Rather than breaking up again, it’s easier to just let each other have some “me” time and figure out what they really want in their relationship.

As we previously told you EXCLUSIVELY, “Kylie feels like she needs a break from Tyga’s mooching ways as well as all the baby mama drama with Chyna. Kylie saw what happened to Rob [Kardashian] and Chyna and now she is hitting the brakes on her and Tyga before she falls into a messy situation with him too. The latest social media outburst from Chyna only made Kylie feel more secure in her decision to lean away from Tyga.”

Kylizzle has been giving us plenty of clues that something has been off in the couple’s relationship. Tyga’s been absent from her Snapchat account for almost a month, and she hasn’t posted any Instagram pics with him — something she used to constantly do — since Valentine’s Day six weeks ago. She’s still very active on social media, so it’s a pretty telling sign that she’s not showing any love towards him.



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